F&B Waiter/Waitress

  • Division: Food & Beverage Service
  • Reporting To: Outlet Manager
  • Issue Date: 21-Apr-2023
  • Issue Type: New
  • Responsibility Level: Grade 13

 1.  To join the briefings and meetings:

  • Learn daily specials and limited availability items
  • To be familiar with the expected guests
  • To learn the section plan

2.  To do all assigned pre shift duties:

  • Clean all the tables and chairs
  • Fold napkins
  • Polish all the cutlery and glasses
  • Help perform the stock count
  • Set up the restaurant to specified standard
  • To stock up the restaurant for the shift (glasses, cutlery, crockery, condiments,
  • Napkins, tea cups, tea pots, sugar bowls, black clothes, trays, etc. Make sure all equipment is clean and in good condition
  • Perform daily cleaning jobs assigned to you
  • Check all the menus and replace if required (covers and inserts)
  • Stock up the pass sections (sauces, cutlery, crockery, condiments etc.
  • Prepare the wine buckets and ice for the service
  • Prepare all the rubbish bins for the service
  • Learn daily specials and availabilities
  • To be fully prepared for the guests you are expecting

3. To do the following during service:

  • Welcome the guests and seat them with care (assisting with table and chairs etc.)
  • To provide a friendly, courteous and professional service at all times
  • Recognize guests and to remember the names of the regulars and to be in constant communication with managers and head hostess.
  • Present the menus according to the Metropolitan Hotel  standards
  • Take orders and enter into the EPOS system
  • Ensure all the drinks are served in style, always use position numbers so that the guest is not disturbed unnecessarily
  • To follow the order of service (see Order of service)
  • Be aware of return time and to be in touch with your manager or head waiter
  • Escort the guest to their destinations (table, bathroom, exit etc.).
  • Always allow guests to pass first
  • Follow procedure relating to set menus as laid out during training
  • Pass all guest’s messages or requests to managers
  • To change rubbish bags, napkin bags etc. as appropriate in a safe manner
  • Ensure that all the necessary stock is being replenished during the shift
  • Clean tables and chairs, restaurant floor, walls, and woodwork / furniture
  • Set tables in good time and to specified standard
  • To clean the tools and work surfaces you use (black cloths, sinks, shelves and surfaces, cupboards etc.)
  • To clean and dry spillages
  • To welcome and say farewell to guests
  • To fold napkins
  • To polish stock as required
  • To check menus and bill folders

4. To do all assigned End of Shift Duties.

5. Take responsibility for certain aspects of other staff training as directed by the manager

6. To be fully conversant with every aspect of the Company’s Emergency procedures

7. To be fully conversant of all the Company’s policies in respect of human resources and staff welfare

8. Vigilance must be shown at all times

9. Ensure Liquor license requirements are fulfilled at all times

10. Ensure that no actions, on the part of either a customer or member of staff, in any way will jeopardize the restaurants liquor license.

11. Take responsibility for the security of the restaurants / bar premises and properties

12.  To be fully conversant with the geographical layout of the operation and to know the exact whereabouts of all equipment of an operational nature

General awareness duties: 

  • You must possess a thorough knowledge of all menus
  • Develop the skill of menu engineering
  • To give constant feedback to managers
  • An essential role is to observe your guests during their meal, and feel that they are satisfied with their experience in the Metropolitan Hotel
  • Inform manager on duty to take prompt action if you feel that guests are not satisfied
  • You should aim to give the best possible service, in the least obtrusive manner