Food Safety Manager

  • Division: Food & Beverage Administration
  • Reporting To: General Manager and Director- Health & Food Safety Systems
  • Issue Date: 21-Jun-2022
  • Issue Type: New
  • Responsibility Level: Grade 8


Duties and responsibilities mentioned are not a comprehensive list of everything that you will do. Additional duties will be added from time to time as per requirements or changes in company policy. Apart from the below mentioned duties adherence to company policies, rules and regulations are required. All information regarding the organization is to be kept confidential. Habtoor Hospitality corporate will always endeavor to find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their colleagues.


  • Responsible for Auditing, Inspecting & Training
  • Food Safety Management System- HACCP.
  • DM Food Code and DM Food Watch regulations

HACCP -Responsibilities & Authorities

Food Safety Manager use their knowledge and skills to promote a positive health and safety culture in the unit.

Will be responsible for ensuring that employers and workers are complying with Food Safety Management System policies and practices.

  • Responsible for the HACCP based Food Safety system for the Metropolitan Hotel Dubai and Al Habtoor Polo Resort.
    Conducting Monthly Internal Audits covering all departments under HACCP scope of work as per HACCP: 2020 and Dubai Food Code requirements.
  • Preparation of audit reports (department wise) and communicating the audit points with all concerned departments.
  • Getting the action plan for correction and corrective action taken by the departments, follow up on the pending points for closing the gaps observed during audit.
  • Random Verification of HACCP records, Technical advice/support to all departments in relation to HACCP and DM norms and required advice needed in closing the audit points.
  • Conducting Spot Inspections, Verification and validation activities as required by FSMS and Food Code, Laboratory analysis, follow-ups and closing of Third Party Audit points and DM inspection points, and handling of guest complaints related to food poisoning based on DM and HACCP procedures.
  • Attending DM Food control section meetings and conferences/workshops and communicating the minutes with the management.
  • Liaising with the DM food Control Department for all necessary approvals required for Food Safety
    Conducting Supplier Audits in coordination with the purchasing department and preparation of reports.
  • Assisting Director in making necessary changes /Amendments in the HACCP Manual as required by DM and External Audit Comments.
  • Attending the meetings advised by Director– Health &Food Safety Systems.
  • Conducting HACCP review meetings on a six-seven times a year with presentations and communicating meeting minutes.
  • Attending GM briefings as required to discuss any emergency matters, spot inspection points and for any deviations where immediate action/information to be taken or communicated.
  • Conducting BFH trainings for new food handling joiners, BFH refresher trainings, allergen training, CCP trainings, Handling and updating of DM Food Watch portal and on the job trainings as required.
  • Supporting and advising the Management regarding the legal requirements in HACCP as advised by DM food control departments.
  • Working towards the continual improvement of Food Safety Management System as required by the management.
  • Design the required awareness and training programs customizing on such case, and Conduct the designed programs.
    Undertake daily Food Safety inspection ensuring follow-up and rectification of detected irregularities and report the same to the management.
  • Identifies and reports current or potential unsafe act or condition and practices to Management for the corrective action.
  • Deal with product non-conformances / quality complaints as and when they arise.
  • Carrying out risk assessments and considering how risks could be reduced;
  • Outlining safe operational procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards;
    Investigate all the reported incidents such as alleged food poisoning, injury, foreign object cases etc., and suggesting the corrective action.
  • Upgrade the company existing system and Design the required procedures and forms according to the international standards requirements with the guidance of Director -Health and Food Safety Systems.
  • As a HACCP team leader, he has to ensure that all the related staff is well aware about the food safety requirements and Lead the team in the implementation of HACCP system development, monitoring, and documentation of HACCP systems.
  • Assisting the Director-Health & Food Safety Systems in any amendments in Food Safety Management System (HACCP) manual for the Polo resort & MHD. (Pre-requisite Manual, Technical Manual, Risk assessments, and related records).
  • Assisting in the Product description according to the Hotel operation and conducting the Hazard Analysis based on the flow diagrams.
  • Assisting in the preparation of relevant records in FSMS based on the Operational requirements.
  • Will help to implement Food safety standards, policies, regulatory audits, food safety training programs, standard operating procedures (SOP’s), product inspections, and standardized work instructions.
  • Work closely with General Manager of the units and prompt reporting of any food safety issues.